After years on hiatus, Dweller are back together to join Flood of Red on tour for the 10th year anniversary of their album “Leaving Everything Behind”. I spoke to Dweller about designing a t-shirt for their last tour. The brief was very open, they wanted something minimal, simple but memorable. If possible they wanted to incorporate their crescent moon logo.

Dweller Design Notes
Dweller Design Sketches
Dweller T-shirt Design - “I whisper softly”
Dweller T-shirt Design - “I’ll light a fire”
Dweller T-shirt Design - “Been forgotten”
Dweller T-shirt Design - “Your head to your toes”

I started with the music, listening to their self-titled EP which is now streaming on Spotify. I consulted the CD artwork, making notes on the lyrics and imagery before doing some sketches. In the end I pitched four designs based on lyrics from their songs. Each design had a different illustration style, but the colours and imagery were both dark and gloomy.

In the end, while they liked the designs, the band wanted to go in a different direction. Wanting to give fans something closer to what they had seen from the band in the past. They asked if I would recreate an older design and unfortunately these designs went unused this time. This is often the way projects go and I thought it would be good to show the full process and some of the designs that didn’t make the cut.